ALBUM [2019]

Onigiri Head is the band’s tribute to this definitive japanese snack, it was inspired by the recent tour in Japan and the song’s videoclip testifies how literally crazy they go for it!
Bad Cat is a chaste and innocent piece that celebrates two passions of the Cleopatras: the Cramps and the felines!
The EP contains two European pop hits of the 80s: Amourex Solitaire (Lio) and Rock’n’roll Robot (Alberto Camerini).
The band explains this choice: “With the recent line-up change we inevitably had to  look for a new sound, but thanks to Vanessa’s keyboard and vocals the direction to take was quite natural. So we wanted to do a sort of “The Cleopatras play Hits of the 80s”, we were dying to tease our hair and dress up like Jane Fonda!”


Amoureux solitaires

Rock'n'roll Robot