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Women in rock

The Cleopatras Bikini Grill Cover
The Cleopatras Bikini Grill Cover

Available in digital download, streaming, CD and colored vinyl LP (limited edition with 300 different covers!), “Bikini Grill” (Ammonia Records / Tufo Rock Records / Professional Punkers) is The Cleopatra’s fourth album, a potpourri that confirms and renews the band’s style: a mix of punk 77, garage rock and pop punk, supported this time by a less retro sound, more decisive and compact than in the past. To keep everything together, a strong feminine identity and a rock’n’roll and ironic spirit, where the creative and expressive power of femininity is embodied by some anthems (We Strike and We don’t play like men) and by the covers featured in the album, all three by female artists.

  1. We strike
  2. Feel the heat
  3. The unicorn
  4. Kiss kiss kiss
  5. We don’t play like men
  6. Life 2020
  7. Mal di testa
  8. Dai dai dai
  9. Laura Palmer
  10. You’re standing on my neck/Daria (Official MTV Theme)
  11. China city
  12. Maldito
  13. Travelling drugstore
  14. (I’m) fit like Mike Jagger

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About US

How does one sum up this unstoppable feminine force? The Cleopatras are a band of resolute, passionate, tenacious and … ironic women in a rock world that takes itself way too seriously.
Started in 1998, any purist would probably consider them a nightmare … punk, garage rock, surf, pop punk, indie, new wave? … all just meaningless labels as far The Cleopatras are concerned. These women play rock’n’roll, full stop.

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  • Oct22 BAMBERG (GERMANY) Kufa
  • Oct29 MILANO C.i.q.

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